Henry Bear and his Cousin Fred 

The two bears appear in a series of children's books by Mark Billen.

Henry, Fred and their friends have raised over £6000 for Action for Children.

Henry and Fred's famous railway story is available again!  

Fred is delighted as he loved driving the red locomotive!

RDsamplepdf.pdf RDsamplepdf.pdf
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Open the PDF for some sample pages of this story! 


 Henry worked hard to open the box and take out the books. Afterwards he sat down with his friends and showed them the story.


Henry and Fred had a 

splendid day at a 

Teddy Bear Parachute Jump 

organised by 

action for children.


Here is a story; a free download so that you can read about their adventure!

Henry and Fred's Special Day

Henry and Fred's Special Day.pdf Henry and Fred's Special Day.pdf
Size : 601.451 Kb
Type : pdf

Here is Fred with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and the Lady Mayoress. 

Fred was presented with a special certificate because he was such a brave bear!


The twins, Martin and Miriam, have a new friend, a Corgi dog called Charlie. They all feature in our latest book.

We all have some fun with him!

Henry and Fred

The two bears are getting ready to go camping! 




All titles are sold on a

non-profit basis in aid of

Action For Children

 Teddy Bears at Merrythought Limited





These two lovable bears are featured in a series of books for young readers. The books are intended to encourage reading.

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