Mark Billen 

created the

'Henry and Fred'

series of stories because he loves teddy bears. Every bear has a different personality and interests and this  helps Mark when he is writing the stories. 

Mark is thrilled that the bears' hard work has raised over £4500 for 

Action for Children.

As well as the 'Henry and Fred'  stories Mark also writes plays for schools and youth drama groups. 

His scripts have been highly praised for the quality of writing and the enjoyment that they give to both casts and audiences.

          Mark's plays have been performed in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka,                                                                                  Switzerland and China.

 'Of 20 teachers about 15 thought it was the best play our drama club had ever performed. I credit the script for that; the play was very funny and the language, even with the British humor, was easily understood.'

Peggy Johns, H B Dupont School, Rhode Island, USA

Another story .... 

Alice wakes during the night because of a strange crunching noise coming from downstairs. Together with the brave Henry Bear she goes to investigate ... 

Illustrated by Madeleine Ridd

Available from the author for £4.50 including postage.

Please see the 'ordering' page.


 Tales from The Forest

 A new book by Mark Billen featuring the the villagers of Whytteford who entertain in tales of

 laughter, sadness and the life of The Forest

Published by Black Pear Press

Available direct from

Mark has invented a community as a setting for tales gathered from all over the country. You won't find The Forest, Whytteford, Humbury, Salchester, or any of the featured villages, on a map. Some people may think they recognize a village from one tale but find that another story bears no relationship to the place that they had in mind. 

A  collection of stories for adult readers that will entertain, amuse, give many laughs and bring a few tears to your eyes.


When the gorse 
is in bloom...

More Tales from The Forest
Mark Billen

was published in June 2017 
Black Pear Press

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