Henry and Fred do all sorts of exciting things.


When it was Fred's birthday Henry arranged a special party for him. There was even a cake with candles!




One day the bears visited  a steam railway.

Fred was very excited! 




At Christmas time the bears helped to decorate the Christmas tree. 




On a snowy day they made sure that the birds had plenty of food. 




Henry and Fred love growing things in the garden.





The two bears organised an Easter egg hunt for their young friends Martin and Miriam.





In the summer Henry and Fred like to put up a tent in the garden. 




Henry and Fred helped to run a steam railway and their young friends came for a ride.





Henry and Fred put on a magic show to entertain their friends. 


Fred is an expert at

 kite flying.  He is showing Martin and Miriam 

what to do!


Henry and Fred help Charlie to do exciting doggy exercises!


You can read about the bears' adventures in a series of books for younger readers. 

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Teddy Bears at Merrythought Limited



Mark Biillen is also the author of plays for schools and youth drama groups.


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